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Weekly Menu for the week of March 15

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to this week’s menu!

Ok – so last week there were ups and downs with the menu. Something went wrong with the pork. Absolutely no glaze!!!! I boiled and boiled – it never reduced. I kept brushing and brushing the pork –no glaze, nothing, nada. Oh well – I think next time I will use the mixture as a marinade and then throw it on the grill. Any other tips?

The highlights of the week – the Udon noodles and the General Tso’s chicken!!!! OMG – these were soooooo good! The only problem with the General Tso’s chicken was a minor burn accident as a few chunks of chicken fell into the hot oil – OUCH! I also think that the recipe as is would be better on the weekend. The frying of the chicken took a little longer than I like for a weeknight meal. When I do it on a weeknight again I think I will stir-fry the pieces of chicken or pork or beef or shrimp or tofu – the possibilities are endless! The sauce was AMAZING!!!! I did boil that for a few extra minutes before adding the chicken. Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for sharing!!!!

This week we have another tasty menu with favorites that we have tried before. The Spring Veggie pasta we made last year but I made a few changes. The Greek Chicken is yummy!!!!! And well – the corned beef and cabbage is simply the best recipe I have found! Use up your leftovers!!!! And we will finish the week with a simple, delicious, spicy veggie chili.

Hope you enjoy the recipes and the savings! Here it is:


Penne with Spring Veggies and Bacon
Tossed Salad

Penne with Spring Veggies and Bacon - adapted from Cooking Light

½ lb. of uncooked penne pasta
6 bacon slices
½ cup of chopped sweet onion – Vidalia
1 bunch of asparagus cut into 1 inch pieces
1 ½ cups of chicken broth
4 cups of baby spinach
Red pepper flakes to taste
½ cup of parmesan cheese, shredded preferred but grated will do as well
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to directions. Drain and keep warm.

Cook bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until crisp. Remove bacon from the pan and crumble. Add onion to the drippings in the pan and sauté for a couple of minutes. Add asparagus and broth to pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes until the asparagus is crisp and tender – do not over cook or your asparagus will be soggy! Add pasta, spinach, red pepper flakes and ¼ cup of cheese to the pan and toss well. The spinach will wilt with the heat. Sprinkle remaining cheese and bacon and serve immediately.

***Double the recipe for larger families – this should serve 4.

***Kid tip*** cook the entire box of pasta if your kids are afraid of anything green. Toss the pasta with a little butter and parmesan cheese.


Greek Chicken Breasts
Green Beans

Greek Chicken Breasts - adapted from Southern Living

¼ cup flour
1 T. dried oregano
½ t. salt
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3 T. olive oil
1 (14.5 oz.) can of petite diced tomatoes
1/3 cup of chicken broth
1 (2.25 oz.) can of chopped black olives
2 T. of capers
¼ cup of feta cheese

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Combine flour, oregano, and salt in a shallow dish. Dredge chicken breasts in the flour mixture. Cook chicken in the hot oil until browned on both sides. Add tomatoes and broth to the skillet. Reduce heat and simmer 10-15 minutes – depending on the size and thickness of each chicken breast. Add olives and capers and cook until heated through. **** I am not a fan of olives but they do add a nice flavor to this dish and because they are chopped I don’t really notice them. ****

To serve, place chicken with tomato mixture on top of cooked orzo. Sprinkle feta cheese on top and enjoy! This is one of our favorites!!!

WEDNESDAY – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage – Consider doubling if you have a large crock-pot

1 3-lb. corned beef brisket with spice packet
1 bottle of beer (Guinness stout if you have it)
1 bay leaf
1 T. of peppercorns
5 whole cloves of garlic, peeled
¾ of a large head of cabbage cut into chunks
Small bag of small red potatoes cut into chunks
Bag of baby carrots

Place the corned beef brisket in a crock-pot. Sprinkle the seasoning packet over the brisket. Pour in the beer and add water so that the brisket is completely covered with liquid. Add the bay leaf, peppercorns and garlic cloves. Cover and cook on low 8-10 hours.

Remove brisket and cover with foil to keep warm.

CAREFULLY – pour the juice from the crock-pot into a stockpot and boil the potatoes, carrots and cabbage for about 20 minutes until tender. You could add the veggies to the crock-pot and turn on HIGH but it will take a little longer to cook through.

Serve with a nice grainy mustard and Irish soda bread or Rye bread! Oh yeah – and your favorite beer – green if you like!


Sandwich Night - Corned Beef or Turkey Reuben

Reuben Sandwich

Sliced rye bread
Leftover corned beef or deli sliced turkey
Sliced Swiss cheese
1 cup sauerkraut, drained
1/2 cup Thousand Island dressing

Preheat a large skillet or griddle on medium heat.
Lightly butter one side of each bread slice. Spread non-buttered sides with Thousand Island dressing. On ½ of the bread slices needed, layer 1 slice Swiss cheese, corned beef or turkey, sauerkraut and second slice of Swiss cheese. Top with remaining bread slices, buttered sides out.
Grill sandwiches until both sides are golden brown, about 15 minutes per side. Serve hot.

***Time Saving Tip*** Warm the meat (corned beef or turkey) and sauerkraut in the microwave prior to assembly so the grilling process will be quicker!


Black Bean and Corn Chili
Chips and Salsa

Black Bean and Corn Chili

2 cans of black beans (15 oz.)
1 can of crushed tomatoes (14.5 oz.)
1 can of diced tomatoes with green chilies (14.5 oz.)
1 can of chicken broth (14.5 oz.)
2 cans diced green chilies (4 oz.)
1 box of frozen corn
4 green onions, sliced
3 T. chili powder
2 t. cumin
1 t. minced garlic

Place everything in a crock-pot and cook on low for 8 hours. What could be easier to end the week!

Serve on top of rice.

Toppings: Cheddar cheese, sour cream or crushed tortilla chips

This is an easy Friday night recipe – invite friends and serve margaritas and cold beer! Lemonade for the kids!

And now here is your shopping list:


Salad - GE special
Onion – Sweet
Asparagus - GE special
Baby Spinach - GE special
Green Beans
Head of Garlic
Cabbage - GE special
Red potatoes – small bag
Baby carrots
Green onions

Parmesan Cheese
Feta cheese
Rye bread - GE special on Marble Rye
Turkey – if having turkey reubens - GE special on GE brand

Canned Goods/Ethinic Foods/Dry Goods
Penne Pasta - GE special on GE pasta
Orzo - GE special on GE pasta
3 cans Chicken Broth
Petite diced tomatoes - GE special on Hunts
1 (2.25 oz.) can of chopped olives
2 cans of black beans
1 (14.5 oz.) can of crushed tomatoes - GE special on Hunts
1 (14.5 oz) can of tomatoes with green chilies - GE special on Hunts
2 (4 oz.) cans of diced green chilies
Rice – white or brown

Red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Bay leaf
Brown or grainy mustard
Thousand Island dressing
Chili powder

Frozen Foods
Box of frozen corn

Meat Case/Butcher
Bacon - GE special on Butterbal turkey bacon or Farmland
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts – 4 - GE special on Value Pack $2.99/lb
1 or 2 corned beef brisket with spice packet - GE special

Sliced Swiss cheese
Butter - GE special on GE brand $1.68!!! Great deal - stock up and freeze it!
Cheddar cheese
Sour cream

Bread /Cereal

Beer – Guinness preferred
Tortilla chips - GE special
Potato chips - GE special

Thanks again to everyone who has passed on my menu! I really appreciate it and am grateful that you are enjoying the recipes and the savings!

Follow the plan so you can save time, money, and a few calories! Remember – cooking our own food is healthier than ordering in and eating out any day!!! Your family, wallet and waistline will thank you!

I hope you all enjoy your week, the recipes and the savings!

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  1. I know this is an old post but I had to say that we made the Greek Chicken Breasts tonight and they were amazing! thanks for the great recipe.