Monday, March 29, 2010

No Weekly Menu - Happy Spring Break!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry this is a little late getting out but I am in vacation mode! Spring vacation that is. It is Spring Break here in Pittsburgh and I hope it is wherever you are too! Enjoy the week! Don't fuss too much in the kitchen this week ... especially if you are hosting a big dinner this weekend!

Speaking of BIG weekend dinners ... if a relative or friend offers to send you home with leftover ham - TAKE IT! We will have at least one recipe next week using up leftovers. So you will save $$$$. Ham is also really easy to freeze and use later.

If you are in need of a recipe check out the old menus. I know that I have a chuck roast from a buy one get one free special that we are using up this week. See what you have and then check out the menu recipes. Or head out to dinner and celebrate SPRING!!! I hear the weather is going to gorgeous later in the week!

Have a great week and look for the new menu on Sunday!

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